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Crystalens Implants

Crystalens IOLs

Crystalens® was the first FDA-approved lens implant that is capable of accommodation – in other words, it functions in the same way as your eye’s natural lens, using your own eye muscles to naturally adjust in response to your brain signals. The Crystalens® is flexible, allowing your eye to seamlessly and continuously focus at all distances.


Advantages of Crystalens®

The natural accommodating power of Crystalens® comes with several advantages for patients, including:

  • A broader range of vision – Because Crystalens® can move and change shape like a natural lens, your eye is capable of clearer vision across a wider range of distances. Crystalens® is especially helpful with intermediate vision.
  • Excellent clarity of vision – Crystalens® directs all light that passes into your eye to a single point of focus, comparable to a healthy natural lens.
  • No adjustment required – Since Crystalens® produces a single clear image that is consistent with normal vision, your brain does not need to neuro adapt to viewing multiple images (as with multifocal IOLs).

After having the Crystalens® implanted, you will recover functional vision within hours, and can return to your normal routine the next day.

Candidates for Crystalens®

Crystalens® is ideal for people who have presbyopia and/or cataracts and want to restore their vision at all distances. If you read or use a computer for several hours a day, you will especially benefit from the excellent intermediate vision that Crystalens® provides.

Additionally, people with high degrees of myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) who are not eligible for laser vision correction may be good candidates for Refractive Lens Exchange with Crystalens®.

Keep in mind that some Crystalens® patients may still need over-the-counter reading glasses in order to easily read fine print up-close.

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