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Houston Eyelid Laxity/Floppy Eye Syndrome Treatment

Eyelid Laxity/Floppy Eye Syndrome is a condition that impacts the function and appearance of the eyelids. Most patients diagnosed with Eyelid Laxity/Floppy Eye Syndrome (FES) can benefit from oculoplastic surgery to correct their condition. To discuss your options, schedule an exam with Berkeley Eye Center oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Aida Bounama. Dr. Bounama is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyelids, eye sockets, tear ducts and surrounding structures. Her advanced techniques are designed to restore the affected areas surrounding the eye to as fresh and natural a look as possible.

Oculoplastics is a field of medicine dedicated to treating problems of the eyelids, eye socket, tear duct system and associated structures. Genetics, disease, age and injury can impact the look and function of the eye. Many of these conditions, such as FES, can be treated through surgical or non-surgical oculoplastic procedures. Oculoplastic surgeons, like Dr. Bounama, are board-certified ophthalmologists who undergo extensive training to master the sophisticated cosmetic surgical techniques required to work on delicate structures like the eyelid, the bone that make up the eye socket and tear duct canals.

What Are Floppy Eyelids?

Eyelid laxity, or floppy eyelids, usually an age-related condition, occurs when the eyelid muscles and tendons become too loose. The eyelid becomes “floppy” — easily turning inside and out. It can also cause the eyelid to close improperly or maintain a tight apposition to the eye. This can result in irritation to the eye, redness, dryness and excessive tearing. Left untreated, your floppy eyelids could leave you with chronic ectropion or entropion, redness and corneal and eye abrasions.

Even if you don’t mind your floppy look, you should still consult a medical professional if you begin losing laxity in your eyelids. FES has been associated with emergency medical conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea. Your floppy eyelids could be a sign of a serious health problem.

Look as Young as You Feel

In most cases, floppy eyelids are an easily correctable condition. The outpatient surgical procedure involves removing loose skin and tightening the eyelid and its attachments in order to restore the eyelid to its original position. Dr. Bounama’s patient-customized approach has achieved impressive results in a wide range of eyelid lift procedures for both men and women. Swelling and other complications resulting from the surgery usually disappear after a week.

Eyelid Laxity/Floppy Eyelid Lift Surgery in Houston TX

Berkeley Eye Center is excited to now offer surgical and non-surgical oculoplastic treatment options in Houston and surrounding communities. If you don’t like the way your floppy eyelids make you look or you’re experiencing physical discomfort as a result of this condition, there’s a good chance we can help. Call Berkeley Eye Center today to schedule an exam.