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Anophthalmic Socket Reconstruction Surgery in Houston

Anophthalmic Socket Reconstruction is one of the many cosmetic and reconstructive oculoplastic procedures now offered to our patients at the Berkeley Eye Center of Houston.

Skilled in the latest eye socket reconstructive procedures, Houston oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Aida Bounama has achieved excellent results when it comes to recreating and restoring the normal eye appearance of patients who have lost an eye as a result of trauma, disease, or birth defects, or those who have experienced damage to the orbit due to injury.

The Eye Socket or “Orbit”

In addition to the eye, the eye socket (also known as the orbit), contains the extraocular eye muscles that move the eye, the optic nerve, blood vessels and smaller nerves, which are important to eye, eyelid, and the surrounding facial tissue function. It also includes the bones that form the walls surrounding the eye. Their delicate nature and complex arrangement requires treatment by a specialist trained in diagnosing and treating oculoplastic conditions.

Eye Socket Restoration and Reconstruction

The goal of anophthalmic socket reconstruction surgery is to restore the eye socket to as normal a function and appearance as possible. We employ a number of techniques, including:

  • Repairing orbital bone fractures;
  • Orbital implants fitted to restore the volume that is lost;
  • Ensuring realistic appearance and motility after surgery;
  • Restoring eyelid contour and position;
  • Augmenting orbital volume with implants or fat grafts; and
  • Ensuring the reconstructed socket is symmetrical with the other eye.

We also treat other orbital problems such as enophthalmus (backwards displacement of the eye), exophthalmos (protrusion of the eye) and eye bag reduction, as well as the assessment and treatment of growths/tumors inside and outside the socket.

If you’ve been uncomfortable with the way you look after suffering damage to your eye socket, contact Dr. Bounama to schedule a clinical exam to discuss your options. Dr. Bounama has extensive experience in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of many disorders, conditions, and injuries involving the eye socket and surrounding structures. You don’t have to live with an eye socket deformity.

Eye Socket Reconstruction Surgery in Houston

Berkeley Eye Center’s state of the art oculoplastic practice offers cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients who have experienced physical damage around their eyes or just wish to improve the appearance of the region around their eyes.

Dr. Bounama and her team deliver the outstanding quality of treatment that makes the Berkeley Eye Center Houston’s top choice when it comes to vision health and eye care in Texas. Contact Berkeley Eye Center to schedule an exam with one of our oculoplastic specialists. Most oculoplastic surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis, which means patients go home the same day and recovery is fairly quick.