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What Are My Options?

Thanks to the experienced physicians and staff at Berkeley Eye Center, choosing the right vision correction option is easier than ever.  Read more about your options below, and schedule a FREE consultation to find out which vision correction procedure is right for you.


LASIK Vision Correction

Making the right choice for your LASIK procedure can make all the difference in the world… in both your vision and your life. At Berkeley Eye Center, we know choosing to have LASIK is a huge decision.

Here’s more good news. Our LASIK procedure takes only a few minutes to complete and patients remain awake and comfortable during the entire procedure. We offer the latest laser technology and techniques by uniquely qualified surgeons who have performed tens of thousands of procedures combined.

  • Short recovery time. Patients can have surgery on a Friday and return to work on Monday. This is a result of faster laser treatment times, proper pre-op procedures, minimally-invasive laser treatments and a proven regimen of post-op care.
  • Quick & comfortable procedure. Using our advanced all-laser iLASIK technique, the actual laser treatment time is 60-seconds or less, with patients reporting little to no discomfort.
  • A LASIK Partner You Can Trust. Unlike corporate or discount LASIK providers, Berkeley Eye Center has been helping keep Texans focused for over 50 years. Our tradition of ‘Eye Care Excellence’ was founded on award-winning customer service, experienced surgeons you can trust and being an eye care provider you can count on for ALL of your eye care needs. While we won’t offer deep discounted pricing, we do offer all of our patients one price for state-of-the-art technology and in-house financing as well as some of the most-competitive rates by CareCredit and other organizations.


Reading Glasses Alternatives

Beginning in our 40’s and 50’s, we begin to notice that our near vision is becoming blurry, making it difficult to see up close. We struggle to focus while reading a menu at a restaurant, reading the newspaper, and even using our mobile phones, so we become dependent on our reading glasses. This natural loss of reading vision is called presbyopia, and eventually effects all of us, even if we never needed corrective lenses before.

Many people that experience presbyopia become frustrated with the hassle of using reading glasses, and more interested in refractive surgeries such as LASIK and PRK. While these procedures can correct vision problems such a nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, there are reading glasses alternatives available that are specifically designed to help correct near vision, including Raindrop® Corneal InlayKAMRA® Corneal InlayMonovision, and Refractive Lens Exchange. At Berkeley Eye Center, we want to help determine the procedure that is right for you, to help you achieve your best vision.


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