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Football Eye Protection For PlayersThe school year is well under way, and with it comes many Texans’ favorite time of year: football season! This classic sport brings students and parents together for the excitement and enjoyment that comes with playing in and watching a game. But parents and players shouldn’t forget how important it is to consider football eye protection while practicing or competing!

There are ample opportunities to damage or injure the eye while playing football. Luckily, simple solutions exist that make the likelihood of injury low. Just follow the safety precautions below and your player will be ready to hit the field!

Protective Eyewear

Football is played on a field which is usually made of dirt and grass. Players also wear cleats which can easily throw up dirt, grass and other debris. Without protective eyewear, players are at risk of getting dirt and debris in the eye during games or practice. Debris can scratch the eye or injure it worse, requiring medical attention.

Special protective eyewear that fits with helmets is available and drastically decreases the chances of debris hitting the eyes during games or practice.


Being an outdoor sport, football players naturally are subject to UV rays from sunlight. Just like any other time we are outdoors, UV protection for the eyes is important. There are protective goggles and sunglasses that both fit with helmets and offer UV protection for proper eye care.


The helmet alone does more than just protect the skull. It also offers eye protection for players against risks greater than debris such as flying arms and elbows, footballs and other large objects that could cause blunt force trauma to the eyes.

Make sure your player is wearing their helmet at all times when they are practicing or playing. It may be tempting for your player to remove the helmet, as it can get warm on hot days, but remind them the importance of keeping it on while on the field.

Glasses versus Contacts

Players who typically wear glasses for vision correction may want to consider switching to contact lenses during practice and game time. Wearing contact lenses instead of glasses allows for an unobstructed view of the field and improved peripheral vision.

If you are unable to wear contacts or simply prefer to stick with glasses for vision correction during football, you need prescription glasses that are specifically designed to be worn during sports. Regular glasses do not provide proper eye protection for football players.

Learn More About Football Eye Protection and Eye Health

Berkeley Eye Center has been caring for patients’ vision for more than 50 years. Parents and players trust our vision experts to protect, correct and monitor both their vision and eye health. It’s our job to make sure our patients’ eye health is the best it can be, a job we’re proud to be in charge of!

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