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LASIK Price Houston | Eye Care Prices

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive eye exam, glasses and contacts, or LASIK surgery, eye care can be a costly endeavor. While some insurance companies cover these costs, Berkeley Eye Center works to make sure our optical and LASIK prices aren’t out of reach for those who need these services.

LASIK Price in Houston

At Berkeley Eye Center, we try to provide the greatest value available in the Houston area for laser eye surgery. We offer one LASIK price for everyone, no matter what their vision correction needs are.

Our LASIK prices are not the highest out there, but we also do not offer bottom-dollar surgery that you might find advertised elsewhere on the internet. Why is that?

Our LASIK surgery prices are based on offering the highest value services to our patients. This includes continually investing in the latest technology and equipment, properly maintaining the equipment, and regularly performing diagnostic testing to ensure our equipment is functioning as it should. This results in improved vision for our patients.

Factors that often influence LASIK price include:

  • Experience: Our LASIK surgeons have collectively helped more than 60,000 patients to improve their lives with laser eye surgery. This experience allows them to bring a far higher success rate and level of expertise than a newer surgeon who uses lower prices to help get patients in the door.
  • Current Vision: Some surgeons charge based on the level of correction needed for the LASIK patient. At Berkeley Eye Center, we offer the same LASIK surgery price for every patient, no matter how severe their prescription.
  • Insurance Coverage: Laser vision correction is considered an elective procedure by most insurance plans. In most cases, vision insurance plans offer a discount on the price of LASIK.
  • Technology: Vision correction surgery relies on sophisticated technology that is constantly changing and advancing. Investing in the latest and safest technology available can result in a slightly higher LASIK price to help cover the costs of new equipment. We strive to always offer our patients the best, most advanced vision correction option available.

Eye Exam & Optical Prices

Unlike LASIK, comprehensive eye exams are typically covered by insurance vision plans. Our staff can work with you to determine exactly what your eye exam price will be, as well as helping you find an affordable solution for eyeglasses and contacts.

Our optical centers offer a wide range of eyeglass prices in different styles, and we’re happy to help you find the best choice for your needs!

Contact Berkeley Eye Center today to learn more about our optical and LASIK prices or to schedule an appointment at the location nearest you.

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