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LASIK Patient Video Testimonials

Ashley Werner

“There is nothing that I can’t do visually now!,” Ashley said.


Melanie Coats

“I can see new details I didn’t noticed before, I feel like I have bionic eyes now!” Melanie said.

Berkeley Eye Center Optometrist Shares Her LASIK Story

Dr. Pontea Momeni is an optometrist at Berkeley Eye Center’s Houston/Greenway Plaza location. In addition to general full-service optical care, she specializes in identifying refractive surgery candidates but until recently had not experienced the joy of glasses-free vision herself. In this video, she shares her LASIK experience.

“I was blown away with how immediately afterward it was already better than it’s ever been without glasses or contacts,” Dr. Momeni said.

LASIK Surgery: The Day After

Berkeley Eye Center LASIK patients talk about what their vision is like less than 24 hours after having surgery.

Former Marine Thanks Dr. Caplan

Former U.S. Marine Sergeant John Boerstler honors Dr. Michael Caplan with an award from the Wounded Warrior Project. Dr. Caplan performed PRK surgery on John before he deployed to Afghanistan, where he was seriously injured by a roadside bomb.

“In John’s case, he was about to be deployed and obviously at risk for having some injury to the eye, so it was elected to do a treatment with PRK as opposed to LASIK in case that happened,” Dr. Caplan said.

MMA Fighter Shares LASIK Story

MMA fighter Paulina Granados decided to get LASIK after she was not allowed to wear her contacts during a fight. She chose Berkeley Eye Center – Corpus Christi LASIK surgeon Dr. Adam Spengler to improve her vision.

“I feel like I’m a better fighter because I can see and react quicker and don’t have to worry about my contacts falling out or them hitting my eye and popping out on me,” Paulina said.


Houston LASIK Patient Talks About Life Before and After LASK

Dustin Curtis talks about life with glasses and contacts and his experience with LASIK surgery at Berkeley Eye Center.
“Perfect is 20/20 and I’m 20/15, which is better than perfect,” Dustin said. “So they corrected my eyes better than perfect from 20/600.”

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