Deciding to have LASIK surgery is a personal decision between you and your optometrist and/or ophthalmologist. Before you even set up a consultation, here are some things to consider in making the choice to have this revolutionary vision correction procedure.

Is Your Vision Stable?

One of the first factors to look at is whether you will be a candidate for laser eye surgery. Generally, being at least 18 years old and having stable vision for at least two years are the most basic factors to consider. Additionally, if you are pregnant or nursing, your vision is likely to fluctuate some, so surgery considerations should be postponed. There are other qualifications, such as whether you have certain health conditions, but a Houston LASIK surgeon is the best person to determine your candidacy.

How will LASIK Affect My Lifestyle?

If you are tired of dealing with contacts or glasses, then it’s time to consider vision correction surgery. There is a short recovery time and most people are back to regular activities within a few days and enjoying their lives free of the hassle of corrective lenses. No more worries about losing a contact lens in the pool or switching from regular glasses to sunglasses every time you step outside!

Can I Afford Laser Eye Surgery?

The cost of glasses and contacts over a lifetime can be excessive when compared with the cost of LASIK surgery in Houston. So, while laser vision correction may seem like more than buying a pair of glasses or a six-month supply of contacts, the reality is that it can end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars over time. With financing options, it’s now even easier on the budget.

If you are ready to be glasses- and contacts-free, the best way to start is by scheduling a LASIK consultation with the experts at Berkeley Eye Center.