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Halloween Eye Safety TipsEye safety is a year-round concern, but Halloween is a time that can create special hazards for you and your family’s vision. Many eye injuries occur every year as a result of Halloween activities and costumes, and almost all of them are preventable.

Planning ahead and knowing what to avoid is the best way to ensure you and your family have a safe and fun filled Halloween. Before you select this year’s Halloween costume, here are some eye safety tips to take into consideration:

Monstrous Masks

Masks are a big part of any Halloween disguise. Masks, goggles, helmets, hoods or anything else that covers the area around the eyes should fit comfortably and not obstruct the field of vision. Ensure wigs, scarves, and hats are properly secured for the same reasons. Avoid wearing anything that blocks your view, such as an eyepatch, or items that may accidentally poke you in the eye, such as feathers or masks that feature spines or wires.

Creepy Cool Contact Lenses

Novelty decorative contact lenses can be used to create a striking effect by themselves or as part of a costume. Make sure you only use decorative lenses that are prescribed by and purchased from an eye care professional.

It’s against the law to sell contact lenses in an unlicensed outlet, such as a costume shop or beauty supply store, and these lenses can be made of inferior materials, contain toxic dyes and have surfaces contaminated with dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and other potentially harmful residue.

If you decide to wear decorative contact lenses, remember to:

  • Wash your hands before handling them
  • Clean them thoroughly before applying
  • Don’t share them
  • Remove them before you go to sleep

Beware of Makeup Mishaps

Makeup plays a big part in creating the perfect monster appearance. It’s important to use makeup and face paint properly to avoid eye injuries. Only buy hypoallergenic makeup that’s FDA approved. Don’t apply it too close to the eyes, unless the makeup is intended for the area around the eyes, such as an eyeliner.

Don’t share makeup or brushes with anyone else, as this can lead to infections. Take a damp cloth or towel along with you to wipe away any makeup if it should start to run. Remember to remove the makeup before you go to bed.

Don’t Get Poked in the Peeper by a Prop

On Halloween, a weapon doesn’t have to be real to pose a danger to your eyes. A prop knife, sword or spear can do damage to the eye as easily as a real one. Make sure any costume props are age appropriate. Really, the best thing to do it to try and avoid these types of accessories all together.

When Darkness Descends

The biggest vision problem trick-or-treaters have to deal with on Halloween night is that fact that it’s dark outside. This can create trouble for trick-or-treaters as well as any motorists out on the road. You want to be able to see as well as be seen. Always carry a flashlight -– this will help you see where you’re going and make you visible to others. Costumes featuring reflective materials are also a good idea to make you more visible to others.

Your Houston Halloween Eye Care Headquarters

If you have any questions or concerns about protecting your family’s eye sight during the Halloween season or any other time, please give the Berkeley Eye Center of Houston a call to schedule an exam with one of our highly trained and experienced Houston eye doctors. The folks in Houston have been trusting us to care for their vision health for over 60 years. We have locations all over town, so no matter where in the Greater Houston area you’re located, there’s a Berkeley Eye Center of Houston close to you!