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Laser Floater Removal in Houston

Laser Floater Removal in HoustonVitreous floaters are a typically harmless condition that occurs as a result of changes in the clear gel that fills the eyeball. With age, this gel starts to liquify, and particles that have not yet liquified will float around in the fluid. When these particles cast shadows on the retina, it appears to us as a squiggle, speck or spot floating across a person’s field of vision. This is an eye floater.

Nearly everyone will experience a floater in their lifetime. For most people, floaters are a short-lived and minor inconvenience; however, others can find them more annoying and even find that their vision is impaired when floaters become too numerous or large.

Berkeley Eye Center is pleased to now offer laser floater removal in Houston using an Ellex laser. This procedure, also known as laser vitreolysis, is a non-invasive, pain-free outpatient treatment option for those who are experiencing persistent, vision-affecting floaters.

How Does Laser Floater Removal Work?

Laser floater removal works by using a nano-pulsed ophthalmic YAG laser to vaporize vitreous strands and opacities. The laser emits a short, small burst of energy that converts the collagen and hyaluronic molecules found in a floater into a gas, which is then reabsorbed into the eye.

The patient’s eye is completely numbed for the procedure so no discomfort is experienced. On average, this safe and effective procedure reduces the mass and/or amount of floaters being experienced by the patient by 60% to 90%.

Do I Need Laser Vitreolysis?

While eye floaters can occur in anyone of any age, they are more common in those who are severely nearsighted or diabetic, and among those who have had cataract surgery. They also become more common in patients over the age of 40 because the vitreous changes in consistency.

For the majority of people who experience floaters, treatment is unnecessary because they are not bothered by the condition. However, for those who suffer from persistent floaters that become obstructive to their vision, the Houston ophthalmologists at Berkeley Eye Center can determine whether laser floater removal is a good option for you.

Call Berkeley Eye Center today at (713) 526-3937 to learn more about our laser floater removal and to schedule an appointment.

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