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LASIK Candidacy


LASIK is a personal decision that should not be taken lightly, as it is a medical procedure that requires specific physical and medical conditions to be met before it can be recommended. Age, general health, eye health, corneal thickness, and the amount of needed correction must be evaluated before a LASIK applicant is considered a suitable candidate.

At Berkeley Eye Center, we must turn down a portion of candidates who do not meet our criteria, because of these physical or medical factors. However, if it is determined that LASIK is not right for your eyes, our surgeons are highly skilled in providing alternative vision correction options such as PRK or Visian ICL.

Berkeley Eye Center offers a complimentary LASIK consultation to help determine if you are a candidate for laser vision correction. Only through a thorough examination are our surgeons able to determine what vision correction option is right for you.

The pre-operative evaluation involves a series of diagnostic testing to determine not only the stability of your vision but the health of the eye. After a thorough evaluation of your eyes, our team will sit with you to discuss your eligibility and laser vision correction options.

If our surgeons do not think LASIK is the right solution for your specific circumstance, they will determine what, if any, is the best treatment for your vision needs. If you are ready to learn how laser vision correction can enhance your life, simply call or email Berkeley Eye Center to schedule a Free Consultation.


General LASIK Requirements

  • Over 18 years of age – it is important that your eyes and vision are reasonably stable.
  • No recent eye infection(s) or serious ocular injuries prior to treatment.
  • No significant corneal scarring or herpes infection in the eyes.
  • Must not be pregnant during treatment and it is recommended that breastfeeding patients wait until weaned.

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