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5 by Heather V. via
"I had PRK done in August and it has been great! The staff at Berkeley were wonderful from my very first phone call to my last follow up appointment. They were very informative and helpful. I was a little nervous about PRK because the recovery is more painful and is longer than lasik, but it was definitely worth it! The ride home was terrible I'm not going to lie, but I took a pain pill and that helped take the edge off and I was able to go home and sleep. The thing with PRK is that the healing can seem like a rollercoaster so one day you'll be good and the next it seems like you've taken 3 steps backward, but don't get discouraged it will be worth it! I think it was around 7 or 8 weeks that I felt like my vision was at 100% of what it will be. I still try to put preservative free drops in my eyes a couple times a day, but I don't have dry eyes which is a blessing! I had an asymmetrical astigmatism, pretty thin corneas, my glasses prescription was -6.5 and -6, and I also have Crohn's (they were concerned about the healing process of the lasik flap) so all these factors played into me doing PRK. Dr. McCauley was very patient and explained the procedure and why I should probably do PRK vs lasik. He was great! I am so happy I had PRK done and I'm very pleased with how my experience at Berkeley in The Woodlands has been!!"
5 by Steve W. via
"Excellent care by everyone. The knowledge and efficiency of the operation was excellent. All questions were answered and test were explained completely. Surgery was completed and the results were outstanding. Still have another eye surgery scheduled for the other eye but I am sure the final results will be wonderful."
5 by tonyleague via
"Dr. Varnell and all of his staff were great. Ty Eldridge was very informative in helping to fit and select my new glasses. Thanks to all"
5 by Lydia via
"I was very impressed from the first visit but recently had Cataract surgery. Was a painless surgery i loved that Dr. MaCauley prayed with before my surgery it made ut even better. Everyone was awesome very nice and very helpful.With in 24 hours i could see so cool feeling especially when you been wearing glasses for a long time.Thank you Berkeley Eye i highly recommend it . "
5 by Freddie Seale via
"I had my first cataract surgery done a week ago and have a new lease on life—it was a wonderful experience and I did not realize what I was missing with my vision. Dr. McCauley and the entire staff were so thorough and professional. I would recommend them to all family and friends in need of eye care."
5 by Tony League via
5 by Lidle Lykins via
"Exceptional!! really great people and professional all the way. Minimal discomfort and now 20/20."
5 by Stephen H. H. via
"Was looking for a new eye doctor and Dr. Varnell was recommended. He and Sarah were great."
5 by Wendy Miller via
"Experience was wonderful. Dr. McCauley was very informative and Marrisa was very helpful when doing my exam. Can not say how impressed I was with Ty in helping me select the proper size frames for my face size."
5 by June Campbell via
"I was very pleased with the care I received."

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