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Berkeley Eye Center - The Woodlands
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5 by John B. via
"Thorough and professional exam. Ty Eldridge (optician) then gave excellent, friendly service."
5 by Darrell Bruxvoort via
"Mary, the eye tech at The Woodlands office, is someone who has a passion for her job! She loves answering questions about how the machines work that gauge eye health! She is the perfect lead-in to seeing Dr Miller - a thorough, friendly eye professional!"
5 by Dana F. via
"The employees and doctors at Berkeley Eye Center are always so friendly and professional. The employees that help you pick out frames and fit your glasses do such a great job! My glasses have never fit better!"
5 by Brandon B. via
"My experience with Berkeley way amazing expect one person ruined my experience and that was Sarah. She was very rude when we were asking questions. Chrisy Vandesteene did an amazing job! She helped me pick out 6 glasses and decided which one would be best for me. She went above and beyond what she had to do. You guys had a floater who I saw first. I forgot her name but she had red hair And he husband is in the navy. She was awesome! She said she's only been with Berkeley for 2 months and she was the best!"
5 by Kristina Below via
"I'm writing a review based on my experiences having PRK. The consultation with Cindy was wonderful. She knows her stuff and you can tell. I did feel like the entire thing is very organized which can make you feel like clients are herd like cattle. This didn't bother me. I appreciate them not wasting my time. Interactions with the staff are warm so I didn't feel like just another patient. I'll move on to PRK, since that's more unique and interesting. The pain was like a 6. I couldn't open my eyes the first day. The second my lids felt so heavy, it hurt. I literally sat and listened to preseason football. Did not want to open my eyes. By day 3, I had very little pain. Day 4, none and I returned to work. They aren't very clear with how much your vision can fluctuate after PRK. Maybe it's to not scare you away... But I'm 9 days out from surgery and I have moments where things are so clear, its unbelievable. And then, it's so blurry, I have to stand next to screens in meetings to follow along. Moments that cause me to question why I had the procedure. Don't get me wrong, my vision is better than it was before surgery, but I can't read at all. My vision changes within a few hours. It's extreme. Each persons experience is different. I imagine I'm healing slowly because I went back to work on Tuesday after having surgery on Friday. My job is 100% computer based, which dries my eyes. (Staring at the screen, not blinking regularly) Lubrication is important for healing. All in all, it's not as bad as you might imagine. Do it for the freedom; you'll survive the procedure. Just be ready for the bumpy road to recovery."
5 by Clive Sheppard S. via
"After my second successful cataract surgery, Dr. Miller tested my eyes for new glasses. I went to the eye glass center where TY was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When I picked my new glasses they were perfect and Ty was again very helpful. I can see great now and my new glasses are very comfortable. Great experience!"
5 by Tammy S. via
"Dr. Varnell and his team are very professional and caring. From making my appointment to receiving my contacts in the mail, the process is flawless."
5 by Claudia Hersen via
"Professional staff and excellent service."
5 by Carolyn_Payne via
"It was a very pleasant experience, starting with the receptionist. my nurse and my Doctor were very efficient and made me feel at ease. I'm very happy that i have finally found a good eye doctor."
5 by Larry_Gray via
"I appreciated getting a thorough eye exam! I knew I was not seeing as well as I needed to. Dr. Varnell gave me a new prescription for eyeglasses."