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5 by John Pinon via
"The staff are friendly and efficient and Dr McCauley was kind, professional and a man of faith. So pleased with the the smooth process from the consult to all the follow-up appointments!"
5 by Robyn Minton via
"Everyone is always friendly and professional. I feel confident about my eye care here."
5 by Barbara Arvin via
"What an awesome experience to have my lasik surgery done at Berkeley, from Dr. Weeks to Dr. McCauley who actually did the procedure a Christian man who will and did pray for me before surgery completely put me at ease and peace. I am just thrilled at my outcome I had lasik for mono vision for my distance and close up reading...I am on day 4 post lasik and I could not be any happier!! I just wish I would have done lasik years ago. I would highly recommend Berkeley Eye Center."
5 by Karen M. via
"Had a checkup yesterday and I cannot say enough positive comments about the experience! Zaakira, Sarah and Dr Weeks were friendly, courteous, professional and efficient- rare commodities in today's world!"
5 by Betsy_H via
"I recently had Cataract surgery at Berkeley in The Woodlands. Impeccable service! From the front desk to the Doctors. It was quick and efficient. They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Berkeley's Eye Center."
5 by Kelly Eddleman via
"The staff at Berkeley in The Woodlands made me extremely comfortable and made all my anxiety and worry go away. Surgery took literally seconds and I was very pleased with the fact that I could see immediately afterwards. While I know all experiences with LASIK differ I am very fortunate that mine was quick and easy. Recovery was no big deal! so glad I decided to do it and to use Berkeley! Thank you to Dr McCauley, Dr Weeks and staff for my new eyes! I am forever thankful! "
5 by Albert A via
"Dr. McCauley and Berkeley Eye Center of the Woodlands are exceptionally good. A number of years ago, Dr. McCauley indicated that I had cataracts, and I appreciated that he did not exert pressure on me to immediately consent to corrective surgery. Instead, he indicated that I would know when the time was right. Recently, it was obvious to me that the time was right. My night vision was poor and I was seeing extreme starbursts and halos around light sources at night. My eyeglasses could no longer correct my vision problems satisfactorily. I knew I needed the surgery, but I was extremely apprehensive about the procedure. After Talking to Dr. McCauley at length, I decided to proceed with the surgery. The whole process could not have been better. It was painless and my vision (both eyes) is far better than I could have even hoped for. After the first surgery, my apprehension was gone, and I could not wait for the second surgery. I have not seen this well since I was in my thirties when I had perfect vision. The cataracts caused me to see everything with a yellowish tint. Now my TV, Computer Screen, and all creation is beautiful and in spectacular colors that I have not seen for some years. I have found Dr. McCauley to be a fine man with much integrity, knowledge, and ability. The surgery center ran like a precision machine. I am so thankful for what he and his staff have done for me. It is as if I have been miraculously healed. I was especially appreciative of his pre-surgery prayer for both the physician and patient. On a scale of 1 to 10 this Doctor and Organization deserve a 10 x 10 rating. Always grateful..... Bert"
5 by Octavia B. via
"Dr. Weeks and her staff did an excellent job making me aware of the availability of Scleral lenses to better suit my needs. Everyone at Berkeley in The Woodlands was oustanding. They dealt with my insurance company to get coverage and I am very pleased with these lenses so far. Thank you Dr. Weeks!"
5 by Suz Samples via
"I enjoyed meeting Dr. Weeks yesterday. She was very knowledge and kind. After my appointment I met with Ty in the optical department and she helped me pick out a pair of glasses. She was also very knowledgeable and kind. They offer a military discount which is great, especially since Tricare doesn’t cover glasses. I had to get trifocals which are more expensive. Definitely my eye doctor and optical department for life!"
5 by David R. via
"Bought 2 pair glasses ans service was great. My wife buys her glasses here also and we will be customers from now on."

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